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Monthly Membership


Children ages 0-18  with enrolled parent  $35/month.


Adults age 19-44 pay $75/month.


Adults age 45-64 pay $95/month.


Adults age 65 and older pay $115/month.

Family Maximum of  *$240/month

(Family max is for parents and their minor dependents living at the same address)

*One time registration fee of  $100 per person. Registration fee not to exceed $200 per family. Patient will not be charged until bill date selected or when they are first seen, (whichever comes first). 

Direct Primary Care is not health insurance. Membership provides affordable care for most of your family's medical needs. FTPC recommends purchasing insurance or joining a healthcare sharing ministry. DPC members usually are able to choose higher deductible coverage, ultimately saving significantly on healthcare costs.  

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