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What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative to traditional health insurance plans that improves access to quality healthcare, strengthens your relationship with your doctor, and in most cases, reduces your medical bills.

Instead of letting the insurance company come between you and your healthcare, DPC memberships foster an enduring and trusting relationship between you and your doctor.

For the last 20 years, DPC has been slowly changing the way Americans receive primary care services and we are excited to bring this innovative model to you!

Better For Patients. Better For Doctors.

Better Healthcare.

Whether you’re dealing with occasional illness or more chronic concerns, Direct Primary Care will change the way you think about medicine.

Instead of booking appointments months in advance (for only 15 minutes of the doctor’s time), DPC patients can contact their doctor directly via text. In many cases, we can provide a treatment plan remotely, eliminating the need for an appointment altogether. If an appointment is necessary, we can usually see patients within five days. For sick visits, we do our best to offer same- or next-day appointments.

While your primary care practice is an essential part of your healthcare needs, we also understand that specialists, imaging, and labs are needed on occasion. While we don’t provide these services ourselves (yet!), we have fostered strong relationships with providers in the area who provide our patients with excellent service as well as a discounted cash price.

Affordable Monthly Fee

Membership plans start as low as $75/month.

Streamlined Healthcare

Your membership fee includes many common healthcare services (no prior authorization needed).

On-Site Pharmacy

We negotiate with manufacturers so we can offer prescriptions at an extremely competitive rate.

Health. Care.
A Compassionate Difference.

A Different Approach To Care

How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

Direct Primary Care is designed to work as an alternative to traditional health plans.

Instead of purchasing health insurance coverage through an employer or government marketplace, patients pay an affordable monthly membership fee directly to a DPC practice. This membership allows them to receive quality healthcare from a physician without the involvement of an insurance company.

DPC providers are then free to spend time listening to and treating patients. At Family Tree, we also place patient caps on each of our doctors to reduce wait times and increase appointment times. As a result, patients spend more time in the exam room and less time in the waiting room.

And because Direct Primary Care eliminates the overhead costs of participating in insurance, we’re able to pass the savings on to you, providing you with compassionate, attentive, and timely care at an affordable cost.

Not only do patients love Direct Primary Care, providers love it, too! The DPC model allows our doctors to provide better treatment and build stronger relationships while spending more time with their families and the community.

No fee-for-service payments. No third party billing. Just happy doctors, healthy patients, and better healthcare.

Direct Primary Care

The Better Choice

At Family Tree Primary Care, we believe that good healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and—above all—enjoyable for patients and their doctors.

There is truly nothing more important than your health and Direct Primary Care is how we are working to remove the barriers that stand between you and wellness. Our monthly membership fee is less than the cost of most high deductible plans!

We’ve seen the difference that DPC has made in our patients and we are excited to share the results with you, too!

Enroll today to get started.


Learn More About Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is designed as an alternative to traditional health insurance plans and Family Tree Primary Care does not work with any insurance companies.

However, many of our patients choose to retain a catastrophic, or high deductible, plan for more serious medical complications they may encounter.