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At Family Tree Primary Care, we believe in providing quality healthcare that’s centered around your needs. Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is designed to foster a closer relationship between doctor and patient, without the constraints of traditional insurance-based practices.

Here, you’ll find a healthcare partner committed to your long-term wellness, offering comprehensive care, extended visits, and a focus on preventive medicine.

Join us on a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Enroll today and experience the difference of personalized care.

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At Family Tree Primary Care, we want to make healthcare simple—including enrollment.

There are no medical exams required for enrollment, ensuring all patients have equal and immediate access to our comprehensive care services, regardless of their current health status.

1. Complete Our Enrollment Form

A simple online form will walk you through all the information we need.

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We accept payment via most major credit cards.

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Your doctor will reach out to you to schedule your first appointment.

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By enrolling in a Family Tree Primary Care membership, you’re not just choosing a healthcare provider, you’re choosing a partner committed to supporting your journey towards a healthier life.

Our approach is centered on providing personalized, accessible healthcare free from the complexities of traditional insurance. Enjoy the advantages of extended visits, round-the-clock access to your physician, and a dedicated focus on preventive care.

Let’s take this important step together—enroll now and take control of your health journey.



Learn More About Enrollment

The number of doctors at our practice varies, as we regularly add providers to accommodate the amount of patients we have enrolled. However, you may notice that not every doctor is available on the enrollment form.

The reason for this is that each doctor takes on a limited number of patients so they can better focus on providing attentive care.