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Healthcare Made Simple

Happy, Healthy Employees

Direct Primary Care partners with existing benefits plan to increase engagement, improve employee retention and productivity and saves employers money on healthcare expenses.

Instead of struggling with rising health insurance rates, DPC cuts out the insurance “middle man” and gives employees direct access to a healthcare professional.

When seeing a doctor is this easy, your team is free to take charge of their health, leading to happier, healthier employees!

Why Family Tree?

Helping Employees Thrive

Building a healthier workforce isn’t just about reducing sick days and medical leave. It’s about making sure that every team member is fully supported in their health journey.

Whether your staff deals with chronic illnesses or the occasional cold, enrollment under our Direct Primary Care membership offers incredible benefits to both employees and employers.


Improved Productivity

Regular healthcare helps reduce unnecessary absences due to preventable illness.

Cost Savings

A Direct Primary Care membership offers significant savings over traditional group healthcare plans.

Higher Satisfaction

Adding a DPC membership to your benefits package encourages your amazing employees.

How It Works

A Better Approach To Healthcare

It isn’t just businesses that are paying more for health insurance, employees are too. And between copays, deductibles, and prescription costs, many simply avoid going to the doctor altogether.

At Family Tree Primary Care, we want to change the way you look at healthcare.

Instead of complicated and expensive insurance plans, your employees are enrolled in a Direct Primary Care membership, which allows them to benefit from extraordinary care at no cost to themselves. No copays, no third party billing, just a single, affordable monthly membership fee paid by their employer. Our low monthly membership pairs seamlessly with a high-deductible or catastrophic insurance plan to cover your employees should they need specialist care. 

In return, your employees receive their own dedicated physician, who they can contact directly at any time to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, or ask medical questions.

Memberships include both sick and well visits, and we are able to address a wide variety of complaints through phone, text, email, or video chat.

Direct Primary Care for Employers

The Better Choice

At Family Tree Primary Care, we believe that quality healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and—above all—enjoyable for patients and their doctors.

At FTPC, your employees are enrolled in a Direct Primary Care membership for a flat rate per employee, no questions asked.

By removing the barriers of insurance companies and complicated plan selections, we’re able to offer the exact benefit your employees need: unlimited access to a licensed physician.

We’ve seen the difference that DPC has made for employers and employees alike and we’re excited to share the results with you, too!

Enroll today to get started.


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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a better way to do healthcare. Employers pay a simple monthly membership fee for their employees and, in return, the quality of their employees lives, and thus their business, is drastically improved.